Evidence Based Mental Health Services

Individual, Couples, and Group Therapy

Individual Therapy

Are you overwhelmed with fear, sadness, or anger?  Do you feel stuck, unable to make significant changes in your life?  Have you experienced a traumatic life event or a difficult transition?  Do you feel lost?

Here at Archer Psychotherapy we have been providing therapy for adults for more than a decade.  Read on to learn about therapy for adults.

Couples Counseling

Romantic partnerships tend to begin on a positive note.  We all remember the warm fuzzy feeling on that first date, that first kiss. Over time, couples tend to experience changes in the relationship – sometimes positive, sometimes less so. 

Sometimes the concern is that the “spark” is gone.  Read on to learn more about Couples Counseling.

Group Therapy

Do you oftentimes feel like you may be the only one experiencing anger, sadness, anxiety, or addiction?  Many find it rewarding to have the support of a group of individuals who are struggling with similar problems.  Knowing that you are not the only one experiencing these problems.

We can help you find the support you need. 

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